Health and Well-Being Workshop


  • Dr Ann Payne, Consultant Psychiatrist and EMS provider
  • Dr Jason van der Velde, Prehospital Emergency Medicine Specialist
  • Dr Aidan Horan, General Practitioner and Addiction Specialist

Having self-awareness and managing stress and conflict are key to enjoying and getting the most out of your role in EMS – this workshop will help you with this and provide you with insights into how to manage yourself and colleagues when conflict, stress, depression, PTSD comes knocking on the door.

Spirit of Kinsale

Silver Trauma and Silver Sepsis Workshop


Come aboard the Spirit of Kinsale Harbour Cruiser to deepen your understanding of care for the older person as it applies to Trauma and Sepsis.


Deep Dive into Diving


If I get a call to respond to a diver what do I need to know? What are the bends, nitrogen narcosis, oxygen toxicity, barotrauma – what do I need to know in the history and how do I recognise and treat these conditions. How do I manage all the divers kit so I can treat him/her? Come to this workshop and find out.

Ultrasound Workshop


  • EMSPOCUS (www.emspocus.com) is an International group of paramedic educators and ultrasound enthusiasts who have teamed up to spread the news of point of care ultrasound (POCUS) in the world of prehospital and retrieval medicine.
  • Facilitator: Stephen O’ Flaherty

Learn how ultrasound can be used by pre-hospital practitioners to diagnose conditions like aortic aneurysm, massive PE, pneumothorax, free fluid in the abdomen and more.

The Great Wars and what we have learned


Who better to lead a discussion on what we have learned from war about the treatment of injury and mass casualties and Peace Keeping than these educators.

Crew Resource Management (CRM)



  • Mick Lynch

Who better to workshop CRM than a pilot and anaesthetist who have worked in war zones. These educators will bring you a fresh and stimulating take on CRM that will help you in your day to day practice.

Behaviours of Concern (BOC): The ‘BOC’ Call


  • Anthony Byrne, Assistant Chief Ambulance Officer, NAS
  • Dr Brian Burns, Consultant in Emergency, Prehospital and Retrieval Medicine, Sydney HEMS
  • Inspector Danny Coholan, An Garda Síochana

Ever had a scenario where due to mental illness or illicit drugs or alcohol or infection the patient has refused to co-operate with the treatment or care being offered? How do you assess the patient? What are your duties of care? What are your options?

Seaside Emergencies


  • David Hennelly, Clinical Development Manager, NAS
  • Dr Brian Burns, Consultant in Emergency, Prehospital and Retrieval Medicine, Sydney HEMS

Practical management tips for drowning/near drowning resuscitation, hypothermia, envenomation, use of buoyancy aids / familiarisation with in shore rescue (equipment/adjuncts).

Tactical EMS Workshop sponsored by Galen


Facilitator: Niall Twomey, Civil Defence

Recent active shooter and terrorist incidents in Europe and around the world highlight the need for preparedness. This workshop will include four workstations and a demonstration. Generic themes that will transcend all workstations will include critical decision making, scene safety, team work, care under fire and communications. The individual workshops will deal with the scenarios you may encounter; negotiation, scene safety and etiquette, blast, burn, bullet injuries, basic to advanced pain management, haemorrhage control and much more.

The Anatomy, Physiology and Psychology of a COMAH/ SEVESO Site


This will involve a visit to Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical Plant. Safety, Prevention and Preparedness are fundamental principles of operations on a SEVESO/COMAH site. Hear how this is achieved. What would you need to know if responding to an incident on such a plant…learn it here!

Health & Well Being Workshop


  • Anne Power

This workshop will build on the presentation which Anne will have given earlier on how best to invest in your well being for the future. Anne is an experienced ‘Wellness at Work’ expert and advocate who has worked with emergency services in the past. She will conduct a master class on this topic in an interactive session which promises to give you thoughtful messages for your health & well being.

Tour de Force of Emergency Care Skills


  • Dr Damian Ryan
  • Macartan Hughes

Some skills are hard to do – ‘there must be a slicker way’.

Some skills are rarely done – ‘I can’t remember …is this the way I do it’

Some skills are new – ‘gosh, that looks interesting’

This workshop will polish up some of your skills, give you opportunity to share tricks you have learned during your career and expose you to some new skills coming down the line in the new CPGs.