Appointment: OiC Naval Service Diving Section
Qualification: Clearance Diving Officer (CDO)

I qualified as a Naval Diver in 2012, this course is designed to provide a person with an understanding of diving principles and diving illnesses / physics, along with extensive practical experience this is the entry level course for any Naval Diver. As with any specialization a diver is required to build on this with continuation training and practical knowledge.

In 2014 I completed the Naval Surface Supplied Diving Course and Naval Diving Supervisors Course (18 MSW), these courses again built on existing knowledge, but a greater focus was given to Diving Illnesses, Dive Supervision and Dive Incident Control as well as operation of the recompression Chamber.

During 2015 – 2016 I successfully completed the Royal Canadian Navy Clearance Diving Course based on Vancouver Island. This year long course gives an in-depth knowledge of diving  and dive supervision (90 MSW)  for the following gas/equipment types (Air,O2,Nitrox,Heliox, shallow and deep rebreathers, Surface Supplied Diving). Along with this, a CDO is trained to respond to advanced diving incidents / illnesses utilising dive medicine, adjunctive therapy and recompression theory under an ADMO (Advanced Diving Medical Officer) / CDM (Consultant Dive Medicine). The Clearance part of this title deals with the physics, theory and use of explosive under water.

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